Give the Gift of Beer

ImageIf you are like me you often find yourself needing a last minute gift for your brother’s birthday, a thank you for your neighbor, new baby congratulations, etc.  That’s when I turn to the beer section at my local health food store, specialty spirit shop, or whichever establishment has the best craft beer selection.  In fact, just yesterday I was looking for a thank you gift for a friend that helped me out on a project and he wound up with a six pack of Duke’s Pale Ale in his fridge.    

I think craft beer makes an excellent gift (for a beer drinker or course).  Who doesn’t love a surprise six pack or new 22 oz brew?  Furthermore, because there is so much variety in craft beer you can give the same person the gift of beer over and over without really repeating the gift. 

My wonderful wife has learned this little trick and I look forward to a beer I haven’t yet tried nestled in my Easter basket, or a 22 oz taster in the fridge on Father’s day. (Thank you Honey).  It’s easy, appreciated, and usually I get to try something new which often times leads to repeat purchases because I discovered something I really like. 

You too can give the gift of beer.  Be creative, look for something off the wall, pick something you doubt the gift receiver has ever tried.  That is the beauty of craft beer.  There are thousands of brands and styles to choose from and you can take this opportunity to introduce your friend or family member to something neither of you have likely had.  Variety is the spice of life right? 

So next time you are scratching your head trying to think of a special unique gift to get someone, go to the craft brew selection at your local beer outlet and pick out something fun.  If you are feeling really fancy put a bow on it.  And best of all, they just might share with you.  So give the gift of beer today!




About Kurt Althof

I am a father of two boys, a business development and marketing professional, with a love for outdoor recreation. I'm an avid sports fan and enjoy the leisure life whenever possible. Here's to you!
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