About Me

This blog is dedicated to craft beer and the brewing business. I am a self proclaimed amateur beer connoisseur and what better way to kick off this site then by visiting the 8th annual Truckee Optimist Brew Fest? As you will see from the above cover shot I’m not the only beer fan in the little town of Truckee. There were 22 craft breweries sampling their wares and hundreds of people enjoying them (and the perfect weather). I estimate there were at least 88 different brews to sample and sample we did.

The thing about a brew fest is that you get a chance to taste brews that you don’t normally find in stores, bars, or restaurants. Most beers from a typical craft brewery have limited distribution and most seasonal or experimental brews are found ONLY at the brewery itself. A beer fest is like bringing the brewery to the party and with it the opportunity to taste more than “the usual”. Thirty dollars was well worth 4 hours of good weather, great company, and fantastic beer.

I am also a minor stock holder in a relatively new brewery in Lafayette Indiana; The People’s Brewing Company. So I suppose it goes without saying that I have a vested interest in the business side of craft beer as well. I imagine there are a lot of home brewers out there that would love to take their hobby and turn it into a business. Well it sure is hard to argue with that. In fact a t-shirt I saw at the brew fest pretty much summed it up. The back of the shirt read: “We drink our share and sell the rest.” Is there a better business model anywhere?

I’ll be discussing the business side of brewing as well as highlighting a craft beer of the week. We will discuss what craft beer consumers want from their local brewery and what the craft brew business can do better. We will look for guest bloggers in the industry to spice things up and just talk about all things beer. Thanks for taking a peek and I look forward to discussing my favorite hoppy beverage.

Here’s to you!


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